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WHo is eblo?

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EBlo all started with a dream, not one of the dreams you have when you are sleeping, but one of the dreams you have when you are wide awake. Its a dream that I (Stephen Holmes) had when I was a little boy. I wanted to create things, I wanted to show people what I could make. It started when I was at my first school making small comic books for some of my friends. That interest built whilst i grew up, I drew, I painted, I wrote short stories. But then upon leaving school I got what my teacher called a “real job”

Having a “Real job” gave me the opportunity to work with many companies both big and small and with some very cool and interesting brands, I have worked for global corporates and smaller lesser know start ups. The majority of my work career has been working in sales and account management and key to that has been my passion and strong ability to develop and build strong and meaningful relationships with both colleagues and customers. Throughout my career my passion and my dream to create has always shown through in everything I do, sometimes I have had to suppress it and box it as “my itch”

5 years ago I moved from London to Malmo and continued and whilst I continued to work in sales and account management it became pretty evident that I could not contain my itch any longer - I started creating stuff, photo and video under EBlo Visual and producing music under EBlo Music now I am producing content for businesses whether its a short film for social media or a taking photo for a product launch or special event. I am also producing music for commercials and a whole range of other projects, music that is something tailored to your style and vision….. and in my spare time I am making electronic music under my artist name EBlo

Stephen AKA Eblo :)